Anti Slip Floor Coating - Prevention Against Accidents

Published: 07th October 2011
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According to the National Safety Council, every year there are over 9 million disabling slip or fall injury accidents. This happens because people easily slip over slippery floors in their office or home. So to keep people safe from slipping, anti slip floor treatment must be used on floors. Anti slip floor coating when applied over floor may reduce the risk of slip or fall.

The anti slip floor coating is necessary in many places like fast food outlets, nursing homes, restaurants, office buildings, banks, hospitals, malls, spas, country clubs, bathroom and more. In these places, people can slip and fall while walking. The owners of these places must remember that they might be liable, if any slip and fall accident happens at their property. To prevent slip and fall accidents, there are a large number of non slip floor coating products like tapes, coatings, solutions, etc available.

You can apply these kinds of products at your home for the safety of your family. Kitchen and bathroom are some of the most important places where it is required. These places are most likely to have a slippery floor due to the presence of water, soap, or oil. Frequent splashing of water over the kitchen or bathroom tiles make them slippery. This increases the chances of slip/fall over the wet floors.

These anti slip floor coating products work efficiently and the main purpose of using these products is to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries due to slip or fall on wet or slippery surface. Some of the non slip coating products may eventually peel, chip or crack while others may scratch the surface of the tile or marble. Before using these products, one must make sure that the beauty of their floor remains intact and the product does not discolor or change the look of the floor, tile, tub or shower.

There are many companies, which provide anti slip floor coating products. Some of them also offer products that are made from recycled, natural and re-usable sources. Nowadays, these types of companies also provide online services to their customers. One may select a product by analyzing the reviews provided by these companies. Thus, selection of anti slip floor coating products for any home must be done keeping into mind safety of the family and beauty of the home.

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Posigrip was created in 1986 by Mario Signorelli and Charles F. Werz. Posigrip is a non slip floors technology that can be used for almost any flooring type. The Posigrip process creates a tread design on the mineral surface itself without losing the look or feel of your flooring. Posigrip helps turn dangerous slippery floors into slip resistant safer flooring.

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